About Us


Greater Detroit Foreign-Trade Zone, Inc. is a non-profit Michigan corporation. It was constituted in the early 1980s for the sole purpose of administering and marketing the local foreign-trade zone program. The development and use of FTZs (there are seven in Michigan) was seen as way to support job creation and retention in the state. GDFTZ was awarded status as the grantee of FTZ No. 70 on July 21, 1981, by the U.S. Commerce Department’s Foreign-Trade Zones Board. Because it has no ties to any one political entity, the public, non-profit corporate structure of GDFTZ makes it an effective and autonomous overseer of the regional FTZ program. By providing a means for FTZ operators to lower operating costs, GDFTZ enhances economic opportunity within local communities and contributes to the overall economic development of the region.



Under authority granted by the United States government, Greater Detroit Foreign-Trade Zone, Inc. (GDFTZ), a user-funded, Michigan non-profit corporation, provides a competitive advantage to U.S.-based companies involved in international trade through the deferral, reduction, or elimination of U.S. Customs duties. Through cooperative efforts with public and private organizations, these advantages are used to attract and retain businesses that create employment and economic activity in Southeast Michigan.



To help ensure the efficiency and competitiveness of firms in international and domestic markets, Greater Detroit Foreign-Trade Zone, Inc. (GDFTZ) is committed to maximizing the use of storage and distribution sites (general-purpose zones) and production facilities (subzones) by already established and prospective businesses.



W. Steven Olinek